Pictures by JM Jorissen

Kara Edenberg

Kara Edenberg plays SOPHIE, ambitious sect member basing her everyday actions on integrity, obedience and spirituality. An all around poster-child for her family and community, it seems. Curious then, that she should decide on Ronja of all people when searching for a flatmate, don’t you think?

Kara is what comes to mind when you think „natural talent“ – having stepped onto different kinds of stages from a young age on, always with extraordinary dedication for her craft. Bringing with her a lot of experience in the German TV and movie landscape (including being named Newcomer of the week by German magazine BUNTE), one can honestly say that her success speaks for itself.
Kara can currently be seen in „Rate your date“ next to Alicia von Rittberg and Edin Hasanovic.

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Rosa Landers

Rosa Landers is RONJA – free spirit, partygirl, people person. Wasted every weekend, which, for her, usually lasts from Sunday-Saturday and not the other way around. The complete opposite of Sophie, in every sense, right?

Rosa hails from Berlin, Germany and exudes the creativity she grew up surrounded by in every aspect of her work. She holds a degree in acting from the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, building her experience in a very international way – Liverpool, London and Barcelona are all stations on the map of her life.
Currently Rosa can be seen in various productions at Monbijou-Theater Berlin.

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