Picture by JM Jorissen

RONJA (Rosa Landers), chaotic free spirit, is moving in with SOPHIE (Kara Edenberg), an ambitious sect member – the result is a relationship that will radically change the life of both protagonists.

Initially both women doubt the other’s way of life – but as Ronja increasingly gains knowledge about the sect, she begins to gravitate to the security and order that this world promises. And as Sophie discovers more liberties and possibilities to be her own individual, doubt about the ways, structures and rules of the sect creep into her mind.


„Metanoia“ (from Greek μετάνοια) refers to transformative changes and decisions that result in a new life-orientation for an individual. Exactly these processes, and the psychology behind them, are what this movie wants to explore.

We started developing this movie by asking ourselves questions like – „Why would someone enter a cult? Why exit it?“, „How can it be that someone one would deem a decent friend, rational human, can lead a kind of ‚double life‘ in a cult?“

METANOIA is our attempt to examine answers to these questions – focusing on topics like loneliness and the appeal that sects have especially on young people. It depicts mechanisms that sects work with, and at the same time critically addresses a „contradictory“ life lived along the lines of “sex, drugs and Rock & Roll”.

Our movie tries to touch on the complexity of these topics in 15 minutes. Intrigued? Follow us on Twitter or Instagram if you want to help us achieve that.