07.02.2022 +++ Eisvogel Filmpreis +++

Eisvogel Filmpreis is Germanys first film festival that honors practices for sustainable film production. We are very proud to be able to present METANOIAs greener production practices at the award ceremony and recieve a speacial appreciation out of competition, since there is no low budget category just yet.

29.06.2021 +++ KIEZ Berlin Festival +++

METANOIA will be running at the KIEZ BERLIN Festival Apr 30 2022 – We are thrilled to watch our film at Carl Smith Art Gallery in Prenzlauer Berg!

16.06.2021 +++ Festival premiere +++

METANOIA has been selected for the European Short Film Festival – We are excited to celebrate our festival premiere on Jun 21 2021!

04.01.2021 +++ Production finished +++

METANOIA has been completed after a turbulent and exciting production in 2020! We are now preparing for festival submissions – to be continued!