Green(er) Production

We subscribed to the GREEN PLEDGE of the German Producers Assosiation and signed the FILMMAKERS FOR FUTURE STATEMENT. We involved actions regarding our social responsability early on: plans for reducing our carbon emissions, supporting local companies and initiatives. We are very happy that our team participated as ambitious as they did and implemeted actions in their own department.

Calculating CO2 with the MFG Baden Würrtemberg & Klima Aktiv Calculator for Film and TV, we are proud to have reduced our footprint from 1219,07 CO2e [kg] to 589,53 CO2e [kg]. For Comparison, driving a middle-sized car for one year, causes approximately 2000 CO2e [kg]. We compensated this amount via

Measures were:

  • shooting at only one location provided with renewable energy
  • offering incredible delicious & healthy vegan catering, wrapped without any plastic! (Probs to LA VIE EN TOAST!)
  • reducing team and equipment to a minimum. Caused also by corona-restrictions and our situation as a low-budget production
  • transport via public transport, and, if needed, using carsharing services
  • costumes were borrowed and if bought, secondhand. Hair&Make-up all vegan and cruelty free (Props to MELISSA SCHMUCKER!)
  • keeping the team up to date, provide with information in preparation and on set about waste separation system, bring your own cup etc.

to be improved

  • improving the engery efficiency of technical equipment (e.g. LED)